Holistic Life Coaching and

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Sessions are one and one half hour in length.

*I do not use the standard 50 minute to 1 hour appointment structure.

I find that many times you are just starting to discover something or scrape the surface

when an hour seems to be already up!

I believe the 1 1/2 hour structure provides a better time frame for getting more accomplished.


Individual Counseling/Coaching Packages

I do sessions in my Nashville, TN office (Mondays only) or by phone or Skype most days of the week.

I take cash, checks, and Paypal.

*Transactions will appear on your statement as Golden Dolphin.

In order to truly help you get the results you are seeking, we need to both commit to showing up.

Me, by showing up for you to the fullest of my abilities, in order to help bring out the best in you- and you, by showing up both in making the commitment to yourself, as well as by doing the necessary personal growth work.

I offer initial 12 week (3 month) starter packages, in order to get you the best jump-start on the new you that you would like to be. After the initial 12 weeks, we will re-assess your goals and decide if further sessions would be beneficial. If so, you may schedule and pay for individual sessions here and there, as it feels aligned for you- or you may purchase one additional month for $300 (without an additional 3 month commitment) if you just need a little more time with me before going to intermittent sessions. *Note*- If you have previously purchased a package from me, any of your subsequent single sessions will be just $75/session.

Life Coaching Options

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12 Week (3 month) Coaching Package


1st installment  $300  Due at the first session

2nd installment  $300  Due by the 5th session

3rd installment  $300  Due by the 9th session

Single sessions (Without purchasing a package) $100/session

Subsequent Individual Sessions after previously buying a 3 month package-  Just $75 Each!

Not Sure if You Should Pick

"Drain that Pain" or a Life Coaching Session?


Drain That Pain/Life Coaching Combo Sessions

Just $150 for:

One-90 minute life coaching session followed by a Drain that Pain session to clear whatever came up as the biggest underlying issue for you!

Need more time to pay?

Now Accepting Paypal Credit!

To apply:

Visit: www.paypal.com/credit. Once you are approved, choose "Paypal Credit" as your desired way to pay.

Please Call or Email for an Appointment Time


[email protected]

Session Options

Want to apply for Paypal Credit?

Visit: www.paypal.com/credit.

Once you are approved, choose "Paypal Credit" as your desired way to pay.

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Single Sessions and Packages-

No Paypal account needed.

Purchase with Paypal OR a credit card.