Amanda Dobra Hope

Professional Master Spaceholder

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Allow me to hold the loving space for you to find and unlock your true self!

Creating Your Life...

Let me be your guide.

Are you tired of the same old hamster wheel of repeating patterns?

Is your authentic inner self beginning to stir?

Are you ready for a radical transformation and are you willing to serve up some serious SELF-LOVE?


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I hold the space for you to find your authentic self, so you can decide how you really want

to show up i​n the world.

No shame, just motivation and inspiration

to show you who you truly are at your core!

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Services Offered Include:

*Individual Holistic Life Coaching Sessions

*Drain that Pain- Conversational Hypnosis/Energy Clearing

*How to Create Healthy Partnerships- Video Class Series

*Books, Articles, and Blogs

*Inspirational Speaking Engagements

*Workshops and Teleseminars

*Weddings and Personalized Life Ceremonies.

What clients are saying

An excellent listener. Honest. Trustworthy. Flexible. Compassionate and truly empathetic. She was able to bring to light the gifts and strengths I had hidden and kept buried after years of self neglect.

Jackie S.