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Intuitive Holistic Life Coaching and

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Standard sessions are two hours in length.  

Additional options for individual/group coaching and movement class packages can be found HERE.

(All access- coaching on-call package is available as well, see below)

*I do not use the standard 50 minute to 1 hour appointment structure.

I find that many times you are just starting to discover something or scrape the surface

when an hour seems to be already up!

I believe the 90 minute-2 hour structure provides a better time frame for getting more accomplished.


Life Coaching Options

Browse our services below

Standard Package Deal- Holistic Life Coaching

$300 Two, 2 hour Holistic Life Coaching Sessions scheduled at a mutually convenient time 

ALL Access Package- Holistic Life Coaching

$5500/month On-call access to me 7 days/week during the hours of 10am-6pm CST. Up to a 2 hour session, up to 3x/week. I will either answer your call immediately, or will return your call within 2 hours on this plan. Limited to 1 client/month to ensure full access.

Not Sure if You Should Pick "Drain that Pain"

or a Life Coaching Session?

Drain That Pain/Life Coaching Combo Sessions

$300 for 2 sessions

(One, 2 Hour Life Coaching Session + 1 Either Life Coaching or Drain that Pain Session)

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Please Call or Email for an Appointment Time


[email protected]

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Session Options

Individual Counseling/Coaching Packages

In order to truly help you get the results you are seeking, we need to both commit to showing up.

Me, by showing up for you to the fullest of my abilities, in order to help bring out the best in you- and you, by showing up both in making the commitment to yourself, as well as by doing the necessary personal growth work.

I offer three different options at all different price points to best suit your needs.  

You can also find GROUP COACHING packages HERE 

*If you would like to do this healing work  but your budget restricts you from reaching out, I do offer partial scholarships at times.  

Please reach out to discuss options.*

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