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Amanda Dobra Hope

Author            Speaker       Welln​ess Coach

Holistic Wellness from the Inside, Out

Golden Dolphin Healing

Helping you create authentic and healthy relationships 

with yourself, those around you, and the world as a whole 

through powerful and thought provoking books, coaching, classes, retreats, keynotes, and virtual wellness programs.

Do you ever find yourself asking questions like:

"How can I help create peace on earth? "    

"How can I create great relationships between myself 

and everyone and everything around me?"

If so, I've got your back.  

I've written five books (with more in the works) to help answer these questions.

I've been a speaker and intuitive holistic life coach since 2008 and a dance/movement instructor for half of my life.

Jump in and dive deep with me. 

Let me hold the space for you as you read or listen to my words, 

join me in a virtual group coaching program or movement class, 

or allow me to guide you to your authentic self through an 

individual intuitive holistic life coaching session by Zoom, phone, or Skype. 

I'm here to guide you to your best life.  

It's nice to meet you.