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Inspirational Speaker and Wellness Coach

Keynotes, Retreats, Workshops,  Wellness Programs,

Breakout Sessions, Emcee, and more.


Services Offered

"Drain That Pain" 

Conversational Hypnosis/Energy Clearing for chronic physical and emotional pain.

Do you have chronic physical or emotional pain, or repeating patterns keeping you stuck?

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Counseling/Coaching Packages

In order to truly help you get the results you are seeking, we need to both commit 

to showing up.  Me, by showing up for you to the fullest of my abilities, in order to 

help bring out the best in you- and you, by showing up both in making the commitment to

 yourself, as well as by doing the necessary personal growth work.

I offer initial 2 hour, 2-pack starter packages, in order to get you the best jump-start on the 

new you that you would like to be.  After the initial two sessions, we will re-assess your goals 

and decide if further sessions would be beneficial. I offer private individual, couples, and 

family sessions, as well as  group coaching at certain times of the year.


***NEW***  Now offering a complete access package.  

Get help immediately when you need it.

Receive on-call access to me 7 days/week from 10am-6pm CST for up to a 2 hour session, up to 3x/week

I will either answer the  phone immediately or call you back within 2 hours on this plan.

Limited to 1 client/month to ensure full service.


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