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Option C:

*Access to both tele-seminars (for professionals and for the lay-person),

*2 hours of holistic life coaching with me (by phone or Skype),

*Bonus Q&A tele-seminar,

*5 hours of coaching during a VIP day + lunch with me in Nashville, TN!

If you feel like traveling and want to hang out with me for a while and want to take the really deep dive, this is the option for you!

You can use the 2 hours of coaching either before the VIP day, or after as some follow-up. You are responsible for your travel and accommodations.

Option B

Option A:

Access to ONE three hour tele-seminar (for professionals OR the lay-person, live or recorded (live has the option for interaction)  *Tele-seminars will be scheduled shortly after purchase at the most convenient times for the largest number of attendees.*

***Please indicate in the "notes" section of your paypal invoice if you are purchasing Seminar 1 (For professionals) or Seminar 2 (For laypersons)

Option A

Option B:

*Access to BOTH three hour tele-seminars (for professionals AND for the lay-person), (as I mentioned before, the information does cross-over, if you really want to take the deep dive and not miss any of the information, you get the information both for professionals and for lay-people),

*2 hours of holistic life coaching with me (by phone or Skype, so you can be anywhere)

*And a bonus Q&A tele-seminar

Option B